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Chapter 10 - Atheism is Dumb

[I am writing a book and plan to post chapters as I go, here is Chapter 10. I've already posted the introduction and first four and you can start here to read them. I will update with links to the future chapters when they are done.]
It used to be people were backward and superstitious. They worshiped everything. Trees, animals, stars, sun and moon.  They thought the gods threw lightning bolts from the sky, caused the wind to blow, and controlled the movement of the heavenly bodies. Then science came along. Slowly, humanity realized that so many of the things that was once thought to be the action of the gods were in reality the action of natural processes. With time, everything from weather, to movement of planets, to the creation of the species itself was found to have plausible natural processes that had absolutely nothing to do with the gods. God, if he were still to be believed in at all, became the "God of the gaps." Responsible for an ever decreasing realm. Tho…