Chapter 9 - Why transgenderism is not really a thing

[I am writing a book and plan to post chapters as I go, here is Chapter 9. I've already posted the introduction and first four and you can start here to read them. I will update with links to the future chapters when they are done.]

In the emperor's new clothes, you had to be enlightened to see the emperor's garments. Low brow ignorant people could not see them. Only the enlightened. In the 21st century, you have to be enlightened to know that being born with a penis does not make you a man and being born with a vagina does not make you female. The unenlightened ignorant masses ignorantly call their babies boys or girls but the enlightened call them 'theybies' and allow them to choose their own gender based on how they feel.

The unenlightened think that a four year old's self opinion is constantly changing, looking for feedback from parents and that he might identify as batman one day and a policemen the next. But the enlightened do not dismiss the feelings and self identity of a four year old so easily. In fact, they are constantly taking direction on identity from the four year old.... at least when it comes to gender identity. If the four year old boy puts on his mom's shoes and marches around the house.... he might be a she. If a girl is what we used to call a tomboy (liking short hair, sports, and hanging out with boys), she might be a he. Pay attention to your kids from the earliest age. Do not trust your eyes that see them as boy or a girl... trust their own self assessment. And if you don't, you are a backwards uneducated bigot. You are a person that cannot see the beautiful clothes of the emperor.

I almost didn't write this chapter because when I was growing up... 'trans'... was hardly a thing worth caring about. A tiny percentage of the population was diagnosed with 'gender dysphoria' and an even smaller percentage of that group actually went ahead with surgery and hormones to "change their gender." But as I have watched my own children grow into their teenage years, I am quickly realizing that the world I grew up in (not that long ago!) is not same world as the post-smart phone post-social media world. The number of people now identifying as something other than their birth sex is growing quickly.

Consider the following (from Abigail Shrier's Irreversible Damage),

In the last decade, as Dr. Littman began to discover, adolescent gender dysphoria has surged across the West. In the United States, the prevalence has increased by over 1,000 percent. Two percent of high school students now identify as “transgender,” according to a 2017 survey of teens issued by the Centers for Disease Control and and Prevention (CDC). In Britain, the increase is 4,000 percent, and three-quarters of those referred for gender treatment are girls. (1)

1000% increase in 10 years. Think about that. This is a shockingly high number. And as Shrier points out this does not just reflect people being more open about a condition that they have always had because there has been no parallel increase among older adults. Shrier argues correctly that this is a 'craze' brought about (at least in part) by social media influencers and social engineering in schools. But whatever the cause if you are over 30 years old, your experience with transgender issues and the experience of today's teens are fundamentally different.

But while Shrier was careful to note her concerns about this craze were limited to impressionable teens making a mistake, my concern is much broader. My concern is that the whole thing is a mirage. It is a myth. It is a strange joke that would strike any time traveler as both disturbing and hilarious. The idea that sex and gender are different and that while we may be born biologically male and female our own thoughts determine our gender is bat bleep crazy.

The whole basis of science is the idea that the physical world can be measured, tested, and verified via the scientific method (hypothesis, experiment, results, conclusion...). But if everything that we measure tells us that someone is male and yet they say they feel female? The answer is that they are a male who feels female. The answer is not that it is really a female trapped in a male's body.

But despite this, we are teaching a whole generation of kids that you absolutely decide your own gender. Public schools, from early grades, ask kids what gender they feel they are. They encourage kids to imagine being another gender. The idea that you may not be the gender your parents told you you were is something that is taught as a matter of science (even though it is the very opposite of science).  But it gets more terrifying from there. Schools, doctors, and social media are now conspiring to work behind parents backs. Some public schools are now allowing kids to leave campus to obtain hormone treatments without parental consent. They are encouraging children in their transition by using their preferred name and pronouns. Doctors likewise are helping teens make irreversible changes to their bodies by giving them hormones behind parents backs! And trans social media influencers teach kids how to hide their efforts from their parents (including shipping materials like breast binders in discrete packages or shipping it to a friend for delivery). Shrier tells story after story of parents that were shocked to learn that their child was now identifying as trans (when schools, friends, and social media contacts had known all along). 

If you have your kids in public schools and let them on social media, these influences are there and they are having an impact. Remember.... 1000% increase in 10 years? What will it be in the next 10 years?

And many of the changes are irreversible. Breast binding can do permanent damage to the bodies of young and growing teen girls. Hormones can make permanent changes to your body. Surgeries almost by definition are permanent. Common permanent effects include infertility and the inability to have an orgasm.  And this is being done at a time in everyone's life where they know nothing about the world and are notoriously horrible at thinking about long term consequences. Many of the girls that Shrier interviewed had never even kissed someone let alone had sex before they decided to permanently change their bodies.

And the tragic thing is that many of these irreversable decisions are deeply regretted later. An overwhelming majority of teens that say they have gender dysphoria grow out of it! (2) Many are left with hormone injected bodies, hair where they do not want hair, voices that are deeper or higher than they would have had, infertility, and surgically modified bodies.

Okay, you might respond. Maybe teens doing all that is a bit too much. Maybe we should encourage people to wait until they are adults. But what is wrong with an adult changing their gender? It is a free country right? Sure. It is a free country. But the problem is that a free country does not enable you to do the impossible. If you are scientifically male, you cannot just reimagine yourself as female. The best you can do is use hormones and surgery to look more like the other gender. Often this is a very imperfect effort (with female to male efforts ending up looking like lesbians and male to female efforts looking like drag queens) but even when the result is passable, many truths of biology remain. Biological males and females are susceptible to different diseases and cancers, we have different bone structures, and different mental mindsets. Recall chapter 2 and our discussion on the whole purpose of males and females existing. We have built in differences to perpetuate the species that cannot simply be wished away.

Further, the efforts to make gender a choice (even among well informed adults) leads to all sorts of societal problems. There have been many examples of men pretending to be women to go into women's bathrooms, lockerrooms, and other private areas to assault them. (3) It makes having separate male and female sporting events impossible. And in countless other areas the transgender movement causes havoc to social structures.

I know of many feminist women that consider the male to female trans movement to be inherently anti woman. Men forcing themselves into women's spaces, destroying women's sports,  coopting women's movements, and portraying themselves (often in an exaggerated and cartoonish way) that evokes parallels to old fashioned racist blackface costumes. These feminists have a point.

Further, what is the goal? Happiness? Happiness is a hard to define thing.

Science is stupid when it comes to happiness.

Social scientists (not real scientists) believe that you can measure happiness like you can measure velocity. They ask people if they are happy and then imagine that they can find ways to make people happier. This is ridiculous in pretty much every way you can imagine.

Happiness is not a definable or measurable thing. Consider the following: which is better: to be happy all day long (maybe sipping cocktails by the pool with a beautiful woman) or to be knee deep in mud in a jungle with a bunch of stinky men? The answer is not very easy to answer. Supposing in the second example, you are a soldier and you are fighting for the freedom of your country. Supposing that you are at that moment doing what you think God made you to do. The fact that if a social scientist handed you a poll asking how happy you were (on a zero to ten scale) you would probably be tempted to put a negative number, you would not trade places with the cocktail sipping coward for anything and doing so would make you less happy not more.You can add up all the happy moments you have and find that a person who had considerably fewer happy moments actually had a happier life. Consider the missionary who lives in a mosquito infested nation feeding, clothing, and spreading the gospel with the poorest of the poor and the rich playboy. Who, as they lay down their heads to take their last breath, is happier? And how does a social “scientist” measure that? They do not. They cannot. They should stop saying they can. And we should certainly stop suggesting that they can measure whether pretending to be the other gender makes someone happier or not.

And we often cannot even predict our own happiness. We buy a car we think will make us happy and instead it makes us miserable. We are forced to go to a school function we think we will hate and end up loving it. We spend all year waiting to go on a vacation that we expect to be blissful and instead we are bored the whole time. We are just bad at predicting what will make us happy.

But... generally speaking, this is a free country. And "pursuit of happiness" is right in the Declaration of Independence. But the fact that we are allowed to do whatever we think will make us happy (as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others) doesn't mean doctors need to go along with it. Doctors say no all the time. If I think I would be happier on a constant flow of pain killers, the doctor would not give it to me unless he thought I genuinely had pain. If I thought that I would be happier with only one lung, no doctor in the world would start chopping out a lung unless there was a genuine medical reason to do so. Doctors have their own ethos that does not include doing whatever we think might make us happy. They have to "do no harm".  And so when a teen (or adult) shows up at a doctor and says something veritably untrue from a scientific perspective (that they are not their birth gender) and that they would be happy if they got some hormones and surgery, the doctor is under absolutely no obligation to say yes and in fact, the doctor should look at the many cases of regret, health problems, as well as the broader social problems outlined above and should say, "absolutely not." A loving doctor would then suggest mental therapy (or a pastor) to help the person realize and accept that they are not what they think they are. If I went to a doctor and said I identified as a cow he would not start surgery to help me look like a cow. He would not do this because I am clearly not a cow no matter what I think. Same applies with gender transition treatments.

When I was a kid I remember reading National Geographic and seeing photos of strange photos of far away peoples that would use rings to lengthen their necks, mutilate their skin, bind their feet to make them smaller, and other such modifications. I would look in horror wondering what sort of people could think that was normal. But I am convinced that our modern trans madness is every bit as crazy.

With the trans movement, our society is caught up in a madness that will certainly cause future generations to look on us in the same exact way. The idea of giving puberty blockers to children, giving testosterone to teenage girls, surgically removing breasts and penises, intentionally causing infertility, and recklessly increasing the risk of significant health problems all the the insane (and circular) idea that someone was born in the wrong body.... will seem too much to believe. Intentionally mutilating ourselves and our children will cause future generations to look with confused horror.

They, like the boy looking at the naked emperor, will shout and laugh. The emperor has no clothes!


(1) Shrier, Abigail. Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (p. 32). Regnery Publishing. Kindle Edition.
(3) For example see:


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