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Chapter 9 - Why transgenderism is not really a thing

[I am writing a book and plan to post chapters as I go, here is Chapter 9. I've already posted the introduction and first four and you can start here to read them. I will update with links to the future chapters when they are done.]

In the story of the emperor's new clothes, you had to be enlightened to see the emperor's garments. Low brow ignorant people could not see them. Only the enlightened. In the 21st century, you have to be enlightened to know that being born with a penis does not make you a man and being born with a vagina does not make you female. The unenlightened ignorant masses ignorantly call their babies boys or girls but the enlightened call them 'theybies' and allow them to choose their own gender based on how they feel.

The unenlightened think that a four year old's self opinion is constantly changing, looking for feedback from parents and that he might identify as batman one day and a policemen the next. But the enlightened do not dismiss …