Book Update - The Emperor's New Clothes: How Our Culture Is Nakedly Stupid

Hey everyone, update on the book, I am still very much in the initial stages on the book but have a working title, "The Emperor's New Clothes: How Our Culture Is Nakedly Stupid". The theme of the book will be to expose what I, in my infinite wisdom, see as ridiculously wrong with our current culture/society/politics.

In order to kick start my own motivation, I plan to write the book chapter by chapter and post it here for free. If I still have anyone that used to read back when I was posting last year, you will notice that many of the chapters contain content from blog posts. But I plan to modify, edit, add and update so hopefully you will still enjoy.

I plan to post a chapter a week at a minimum with the goal of being done by this fall. 

Feedback welcome.


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