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The Emperor's New Clothes: Introduction

[I am writing a book and plan to post chapters as I go, here is the introduction. I will update this link to the future chapters when they are done]

 In the classic short story by Hans Christian Anderson, "The Emperor's New Clothes," a vain emperor is sick of wearing the same sorts of clothes and wants something truly new. So two tailors step forward. The fabrics they use to make clothes are so fine and wonderful that they are invisible to anyone that is not enlightened and intelligent. The emperor likes the idea and commissions clothes but is shocked when he realizes that they are invisible to him. It would not do to have a king that was unenlightened so the king, understandably, pretends to see the fabric. He takes off his own clothes and puts on these (invisible) clothes. He strolls out in front of his ministers. But they have been warned that only intelligent people can see the clothes and while they too see nothing, they pretend – they certainly are not going to o…

Book Update - The Emperor's New Clothes: How Our Culture Is Nakedly Stupid

Hey everyone, update on the book, I am still very much in the initial stages on the book but have a working title, "The Emperor's New Clothes: How Our Culture Is Nakedly Stupid". The theme of the book will be to expose what I, in my infinite wisdom, see as ridiculously wrong with our current culture/society/politics.

In order to kick start my own motivation, I plan to write the book chapter by chapter and post it here for free. If I still have anyone that used to read back when I was posting last year, you will notice that many of the chapters contain content from blog posts. But I plan to modify, edit, add and update so hopefully you will still enjoy.

I plan to post a chapter a week at a minimum with the goal of being done by this fall. 

Feedback welcome.