Remember... real life

I remember being 10 and camping with a few friends. One of their parents owned a few acres and we got sleeping bags, a tent, and a few supplies and went back into the fields. We went down to the river and hunted for squirrels (catching none), frogs (none) and firewood (some). As it got dark, we built a fire, roasted marshmallows and smashed them between the graham crackers and chocolate filled our bellies with sugar as we silently watched the wood we had collected crackle and smoke.

Looking at the fire, I realized that life was magical. Filled with wonders. Filled with adventure. 

There is something about being in nature that allows someone to know there is something more than us. Something about the stars, the night, the fresh air, and the quiet that points to God.

Today, I like everyone else has some sort of electronic device at hand almost 24 hours a day. There are no quiet moments. Waiting for marshmallows to cook? Why not check the score? Check Twitter? Text a friend? Play some stupid video game?

Those moments in life that help us see the world so clearly are now filled by blinking lights on my screen.


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