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10 Things I Want to Argue With You About in 2020

Okay... I want to start 2020 with a challenge to the world. Ungit is right. You are wrong. Let's debate. Or discuss at least. You can call into my podcast or I can come on yours but let's hash out these issues. I promise to be fair and have a pleasant conversation. If you think you can show me the error of my ways, let's do this. Contact me by DM-ing me on Twitter.

1 - Capitalism is better than socialism
There are no perfect systems in the world but capitalism is the best when it comes to economics. Sorry Bernie Bros. Disagree? Let's discuss.
Possible Debate Opponents: AOC, Bernie Sanders, any Bernie Bro. 

2 - Christianity is right.
I am convinced that Christianity is not just a truth but the truth. I think other religions are wrong. I think atheism is wrong. I think agnosticism is wrong. Tell me why I am wrong.
Possible Debate Opponents:  Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Bill Burr , Anyone that disagrees

3 - Christianity has been incredibly good for the world
Whether you ac…

Joe Rogan and the insanity of normalizing pot (and other drugs)

Joe Rogan has a good podcast. Interesting guests, topics, and a long format that allows topics to be explored in depth and not in dumb soundbites. I also like his free speech stance and his willingness to listen to people he disagrees with. In short, I am regular listener who is glad the podcast is out there.

But one area that Rogan is damn bad for society is in his constant promotion of drugs. He regularly talks about his own drug use (often partaking while doing the show) promoting it as good and beneficial. And in a recent episode featuring Malcolm Gladwell the two of them ranked three cultural taboos: alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.  They agreed that society right now ranks them (starting with the most socially acceptable) as follows:

1- Alcohol (most accepted)
2- Pot
3 - Smoking (least accepted)

But then they argued that the order should be reworked to make marijuana the most accepted and alcohol the least accepted. Rogan went on a long rant after that explaining how he occasion…

4 Ways 2020 will be like 1984

Okay... I am well aware that saying, 'its like 1984' is a cliche that everyone is doing. Call me boomer if you want. But I think the reason it has become is because the book is looking more and more prophetic with every passing day. So... here are some things that have happened since Orwell wrote his great novel back in 1949 that make it so prophetic.

1. The memory hole

In the novel, the memory hole was a place that you needed to put news items and popular culture that had been determined to be no longer politically correct. Let's say you had a newspaper article about a man that the government wanted to delete from the historical record. Everyone was expected to take their newspapers and drop them into the memory hole. All history would be modified and republished by the government with the proper edits.

The digitization of information has made this dystopian idea a reality. Let's say you have a movie starring an unpopular politician, you can just edit him out on futur…

Seven Good Things That Happened in 2019

2019 is almost over. There were plenty of bad things that happened (continuing war, hurricanes, dumb congressional investigations, etc) but I would like to note some good things. I note seven really good things that happened this year. Here they are:

7. The Hong Kong protests/elections

China is in many ways a vision of the West's Christmas future if we don't change our path. If we continue down the path of giving the government more and more power. If we keep giving the government more and more data (via social media, cell phones, etc). If we accept the idea of trading freedom for security...If we do these things, we are China. And I feel like we have been going down that path for so long that it seems we might be passed the point of no return.

And it is for this reason that it was great to see Hong Kong stand up and say no more. Hong Kong was long part of the British Empire but in the 1980s a treaty was formed for Hong Kong to go back under Chinese control in 1997. China, how…

Bonus podcast... Merry Christmas!!

Bonus podcast... Merry Christmas!

Why the term 'Racist' needs to go away

The left has destroyed the word 'racist' and now it is meaningless. Time to stop using it. I explain here:

Christians should protest Woke churches

News came out this week about a guy that stole a pride flag from the door of a United Church of Christ church in Ames, Iowa and burned it. He got a ridiculous sentence (16 years) that I hope and pray is reduced to nothing. But the incident brought up an obvious question: why the hell does a church have a flag flying that promotes a sexual ethic that is in direct opposition to the biblical sexual ethic? A flag that in many ways represents oppression to those that do hold the Christian sexual ethic?

The answer is that it is a woke church. Over the past 50 years, many churches (most but not all of them already theologically liberal) have embraced woke sentiments. They have embraced feminism. They have embraced abortion. They have embraced the LGBT agenda. If we are in the middle of a culture war (we are), then churches that claim to be a part of our historic faith are like treasonous soldiers plotting and supporting the enemy.

So far, the response of the broader church has been mostly to…

Why Dietitians are Today's Witch Doctors

Health is an incredibly complicated thing. Heart attacks are one of the largest causes of death in the USA (14%) but what causes a heart attack? Well, no one is sure exactly but there are thought to be a variety of causes. Weight. Genetics. Stress. Smoking. Eating habits. Sleeping habits. Blood pressure. How much time you are sedentary. I could go on. But how do we determine those causes? It is a very hard thing to do when you think about it. Let's say you take a large sample of people (N=500) to study. How do you know what they eat? How do you know how much they sleep? How do you know how stressed they are? How much they sit during the day? You could follow them around with clipboards.... but for how long? If I smoke 10 packs a day for 40 years and then quit right before the study, the observer would not know how much I smoked unless he asked me. So the expensive part (paying someone to follow around a person) would not give you the most important information.

To get the most im…