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53% of Republicans....

The President recently gave a speech and guess what the Chicago Times said about it?

"The cheeks of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat, and dishwatery utterances."  

Typical comments from the mainstream media about Trump right? And another example of this sort of disrespect came from The Baltimore Sun when they wrote,

"We do not believe the Presidency can ever be more degraded by any of his successors than it has by him, even before his inauguration."

But even these insults do not match the personal nature of some critics. For example, consider this line from a satirical biography of the president,

"when walking he resembles the offspring of a happy marriage between a derrick and a windmill…. His head is shaped something like a ruta-bago, and his complexion is that of a Saratoga trunk."

Wow... really? I am sure you are thinking those are harsh comments about President Trump. But you would be wrong. Those were comments about A…

What is not rape.....

Trigger warning and all that ... talking about rape and abuse.... 

 I just watched Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator. It is a documentary about a guy named Bikram who apparently was big shot in the Yoga community and helped popularize something called 'hot yoga.' Given that I know next to nothing about yoga, hot yoga, or gurus, I didn't come in with any knowledge of the man or the history. But the title sort of gives away the plot. Basically, he was a guy who came to the US from India, because a superstar among Yoga practitioners, and built a network of Yoga studio franchises. Then became... according to the documentary... a predator.

If you wanted to run one of these Yoga franchises, you needed to become a certified teacher. If you wanted to become a certified teacher, you needed to take teacher training, and it was Bikram himself that would teach the future teachers in a week-long session in a hotel near LA. Everyone would wear next to nothing (including Bikram who very gross…

Bonus Podcast: Did Joe Rogan Just Endorse Bernie Sanders?

Did Joe Rogan just endorse Bernie Sanders?? What the eff.

Bonus Podcast: Why A Federal Animal Rights Law is a Bad Idea

Bonus podcast: Trump signed a federal animal rights law. Sounds nice.... but really bad idea. Check out this bonus podcast to hear why.

What Could Go Wrong?

Recently the President signed into law a Federal prohibition on animal abuse. Sounds nice. But I noted that it was not so nice. It is a federal law prohibiting something that every state already prohibits. It is an unnecessary federal law. As Jefferson said (I paraphrase) laws should be local as possible. The only thing that should be legislated at the federal level are things that cannot  be legislated locally (military issues, interstate commerce issues, etc).

But... many responded when I noted this... what is the problem? Do you hate animals? Do you want them abused and mistreated? While I have expressed concerns about the idea of animal rights in the past, I certainly love animals and think that the unnecessary mistreatment of animals is a horrible horrible thing. 

So what is my problem? If we have an extra law preventing the mistreatment and abuse of animals, how is that a bad thing? What about passing federal laws on no-brainer sorts of things? Pass a law against animal abuse. …

Podcast: Thoughts on the Elon Musk Cybertruck trainwreck, Atheism vs Islam? and Why Eugenics Will Totally Be Back in Style Soon

Today's podcast is a good one. I give my thoughts on the Elon Musk Cybertruck unveiling, I explain which would be better to live under: Islam or Atheism, and I also explain why eugenics will totally be back in style soon.

Check it out!

Eugenics is Only Wrong If You Are Christian

Christianity formulated the idea that all humans are of equal worth. Galatians 3:28

"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

This idea was laughable to the ancient Romans. Romans thought that some people were naturally slaves and others were naturally powerful slave owners. This was how the gods had ordained it. This was how the world was. Just like some animals are lions and others are sheep, some men are powerful and some are weak. And to treat the weak like they were powerful or the powerful like they were weak would be nonsense. Worse than nonsense - an insult to the gods.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, summed up the attitude held by of much of the west for many centuries,

"He who is by nature not his own but another's man is by nature a slave."

Humans, like animals, come in different types and just like we treat animals differently based on their type (keeping a …

Which would be better to live under: Islam or Atheism

I have written in the past that the ideas that make up Western Civilization are broadly Christian ideas. Even atheists who live in Christian countries tend to agree with the Christian ideas of universal human rights, equality of people before the law, the fact that the poor are as worthy of respect as the rich, and the fact that a good society cares for the least among them.

I have warned in the past what would happen if we cut the root of Western Civilization and abandoned Christianity. I think it would be a disaster... eventually. I think for a while the culture would maintain Christian assumptions without the foundation they were built on. But within a few generations, these ideas would be questioned and abandoned. Nietzsche said (I am paraphrasing), 'We have killed God but his ghost still haunts us.' But what happens when the ghost goes away?

The answer is not that we automatically become atheists. In fact, it is much more likely that another religion would replace Christ…

How to Deal with an Existential Crisis

One of the results of wealth is having the luxury of being able to think about existence, what it means, and what the purpose of life is. There is a reason that most religions are started by rich people (Mohammed,  Buddha, Confucius, etc). The book of Ecclesiastes in the bible is traditionally said to have been written by the endlessly wealthy King Solomon. The author of the text talks about all that he has achieved. He talks about the buildings he built, the women he bedded, the money he accumulated, and he calls all these things vanity.

He writes,

“Meaningless! Meaningless!”says the Teacher.
“Utterly meaningless!Everything is meaningless.”
What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?
Generations come and generations go,but the earth remains forever.
The sun rises and the sun sets,and hurries back to where it rises.
The wind blows to the southand turns to the north;
round and round it goes,ever returning on its course.
All streams flow into the sea,yet the sea…

Did St. Paul Know About Committed Same Sex Relationships When He Condemned Homosexuality?

A common refrain among "liberal Christians" is that the authors of the bible (and St. Paul in particular) did not mean to condemn homosexuality as we know it today. Their condemnation was not against people that are born gay who desire committed long term relationships but instead the condemnation is simply of a general going against your nature to do immoral stuff. If it is condemning anything, it is a straight guy doing gay stuff. But Paul didn't mean to condemn people like presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg who is happily married to another man and claims to be a devout Christian.  If Paul saw Mayor Pete, he would

Except that this is completely false. Same sex relationships were not only common but they were expected. Historian Tom Holland in, "Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar," discusses the sexual mores of the Roman elites. An interesting passage comes when he discusses the Emperor Claudius. Here is the passage:

"Those who …

How to avoid a Civil War

Bill Maher is concerned we might be heading toward a Civil War.

Watch this video.

 Now... I agree with a lot of what Maher says. I am glad he is saying it. But I think he does not understand why things are so tense. But Ungit is here to explain.

So... watch this video.

When I saw the Ben Shapiro video, I thought... 'duh.' Of course if someone is going to try to do forced indoctrination of my children I would use any means necessary to stop them. The fact that democrats thought this was unreasonable was almost shocking to me. No, you do not get to indoctrinate my kids without a fight. I consider that a God given right. Take it away and yes there is a fight coming.

Now watch this video:

I own a gun but am not a huge gun guy. But even I was like, no, you are not going to take anyone's guns without a fight.

Bill Maher complains a lot about Trump's rhetoric. Point taken. Trump's rhetoric is hot. But so far, Trump's policies are pretty moderate republican stuff. …

Why No One Should Worry About Government Spying

Edward Snowden famously gave up a life of wealth and privilege and became an exile in order to expose the massive scale of government spying. The US government, Snowden revealed, is seeking to obtain and store all data, on everybody, forever. Everything. Everybody. Forever.

Snowden blew the whistle on all this in 2013. A few things changed since then. But it is highly likely that government data collection is every bit as massive and ambitious as the day he came forward. No one running for president is talking about this. The voters seem not to care. Snowden's efforts, as heroic as they were, seem to have been largely ignored.  

Which makes sense....because the idea of a government storing all data on everyone forever should only scare some people.

Here are the two groups of people that should be scared by massive government spying efforts:

1) Anyone that ever thinks they might disagree with the government or dissent from the majority at any point in time in the future. Docile a…

Christianity - The Myth that Is True

I was recently reminded of the concept that JRR Tolkien (Lord of the Rings author) once articulated. Every religion, every myth, has a certain metaphorical beauty to it. The Roman gods controlled and ordained the seas (Neptune),  poetry and music (Apollo), love (Venus), and fortune/luck (Fortuna). In each story of every god, the person looking for it can find parallels to Christ. The Babylonians and Egyptians had their myths as well. And these myths included some parallels to Christ. Gods that rose from the dead (Balder, Adonis, Bacchus). Gods that had miraculous signs. Gods that walked among men.

Now, these parallels are often exaggerated. Goofballs like Bill Maher have made whole movies claiming that this proves that Christ's story was simply made up. But given the Jewish context for the gospel narratives, the fact that no myth matches Jesus' story very well, and the fact that the gospels were all written within 60 years of his crucifixion, it is highly doubtful that Maher…

The Secular Case for Christianity, A Book Review of "Dominion" by Tom Holland

Tom Holland's Dominion is not a book written by a Christian apologist. In the early chapters, he repeatedly makes assumptions that any unbelieving academic would make about the bible. Starting with the Old Testament, he repeats typical source criticism theories and throughout the book assumes some of Paul's letters were not original to him.

Note: I would encourage anyone that wants to hear the academic case for the historicity of scripture (and the New Testament in particular) to read NT Wright's Christian Origins series - especially the New Testament and the People of God and Jesus and the Victory of God. Tom Holland, if you are reading this, I would recommend you read those as well.

 Further, at times, I find his criticism of the actions and behaviors of various Christians (and the church as a whole) to be overly focused on the negative.

But.... in some ways, it is his lack of Christian piety and apologetic leanings that makes this book so convincing. It is an outsider n…

Book Recommendation: What I Learned in Narnia by Douglas Wilson

I recently read Doug Wilson's What I Learned in Narnia and loved it so much I wanted to recommend it to my readers. As my readers are aware, I love CS Lewis. I have read the Narnia series at least five times in my life and have read almost everything else by Lewis multiple times. So, there was some part of me that wondered if there was much to learn from this book. But liking Wilson as an author, along with a subject I obviously enjoy, I decided to try it. It was well worth it. I found myself enjoying anew the insights of Lewis and wishing that I had read this book when my kids were younger so that I could have used it as a study guide as we read these books together. But this book is not just for kids. Adults can and should read it.

Wilson does a brilliant job of recognizing and articulating the mind of Lewis and providing example after example to illustrate key themes. He discusses the Narnian lessons on confession of sin, nobility, spiritual disciplines, story telling, grace, …

Stop Psychoanalyzing Yourself

I just listened to the free audio book, The Burnout Generation, and it was painful to listen to. It was an entire audio book about young people who never had any real problems reflecting on minor stresses in their lives. In order to reflect on these stresses, they go back and reflect on all their experiences growing up. They talk about their expectations. They obsess over choices they made. On and on. And you cannot blame them. Their parents probably obsessed over them as well. Parents now think that every book their child reads, every sporting event, every school play just might be the thing that makes or breaks their kid. 

It is a weird thing. In the old days, parents just sort of tried to keep their kids alive. Now we all have to keep detailed accounts of everything that happened so that we can understand why we get stressed about getting behind on doing laundry.

I think it might be the influence of Sigmund Freud. Not sure. But it is weird and it won't last.

I hop…

No one listens to Ungit...

I created the 'I am Ungit' page back in April of this year. Since then, I have had a bunch of stories get widely shared and widely read. The top story was about the Science Magazine Study that showed no one is 'born that way.' The story I did on Google manipulating results was also widely read and shared. As was the article I wrote on why IQ is BS. And one of the biggest was my 'not crazy' conspiracy theory on who Jeffrey Epstein was.

But for every article I write that gets widely read and shared, there are several that get a few clicks and fade into obscurity. Sometimes that is because they are not very good. Even the great Ungit can write a stinker from time to time. But sometimes, I will write an article that I think is important, interesting, and relevant but that for whatever reason doesn't take off. Maybe I titled these wrong or didn't post them at the right time or failed to post them in the right places.

Anyway, I wanted to raise some of these …

Animal Rights or Human Rights? You cannot have both.

The idea of human rights was slow to come on the scene. The earliest whispers of it, according to historian Tom Holland, were in the formulation of canon law at the turn of the first millennium. And obviously, the concept has developed quite a bit since then. But today, almost everyone agrees that all humans have certain rights (although we might debate what those are) that apply to everyone simply by nature of the fact that we are human. We have the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, etc - not because we are rich, powerful, or educated but simply because we are human. To exercise a right, we don't need to figure out what sort of human you are.... just that fact that you are human is enough.

But some would argue that as our morals evolve (something that is actually impossible) we now are extending rights to animals as well. It sounds very nice on the surface. Animals are cute and protecting them is something that almost everyone thinks of as a n…

Against Civility

Donald Trump Jr. was on the View the other day and Meagan McCain confronted him about the lack of civility his father has shown. There was a part of me that appreciated what she was saying. It would be nice if everyone acted with honor and if political debates were pleasant things where friends took turns gently trying to change each other minds.

But then I thought about it.

The first thing that came to my mind is that this sort of debate only makes sense when the issues that divide the two sides are small. You debate small things (sports, favorite movies, etc) with a smile on your face and without breaking up friendships. But what about life and death issues? If you were on a plane and a crazed terrorist was trying to storm the cockpit, you would not cheerfully seek to convince him that this was not the best course of action. You would tackle him.

The more something matters, the less civility matters.

And the left has understood this for a long time. Conservatives have long complain…

Public Schools are Way Worse Than the Roman Catholic Church

It is sad but most people, when they think of a priest now days, they think of a child molester. Every time a priest is in the news for some reason, someone comments that he probably has been screwing around with the alter boys.

But did you know that priests abuse at a lower rate than the general population? Yep, that is true. From Psychology Today, "[The abuse rate for priests]  appears lower than school teachers during the same time frame, and certainly less than offenders in the general population of men."

You read that right. When you see a priest.... far from being a likely pedo, he is LESS likely than the general population to be an abuser. Your neighbor or the guy making coffee at Starbucks is more likely to abuse than the priest.

Now... can you imagine being a priest? You decide to dedicate your life to Christ. Never abused anyone. Belong to a group of people that do not abuse at higher rates than the general population. And yet every idiot on the internet thinks yo…

Progress doesn't just happen - the most important historical lesson

Many people - especially people that call themselves liberal - think that human morality always evolves for the better. People used to have slaves. Now they don't. People used to be racist. Now we know that is wrong. People used to burn witches. Now they don't. People used to enjoy bear-baiting for public entertainment. Now they don't. People used to enjoy public executions. Now they don't. Life in the old days was brutish and terrible. It is still not perfect (we just need to evolve more) but it is certainly moving in the right direction.

The source of this change is unclear to most people. Many without pointing to specifics, assume that science has something to do with the progress. Others point to the fact that our world is more connected and we see the plight of those that suffer more. But the important part is that the trajectory of history is always going in the right direction.

Much of the sweeping changes around views towards homosexuals was justified along th…