Why Conservatives Love Tulsi Gabbard

[I did a podcast yesterday on this subject. Check it out here]

On paper, conservatives should not see much difference between Gabbard and Warren or Harris or any of the other democratic candidates. She holds liberal positions on almost every issue. She supports expanding government health care, more welfare, is pro-choice, and pro-LGBT. She is not even a moderate in the old Bill Clinton sense of the word. She is a true liberal.

So why is it that when you look at Twitter or watch Fox News, conservatives are totally in love with her? Why is it that she appears to have more support from republicans as she does from democrats?

The answer in my mind comes down to this: conservatives get the sense that she is not crazy, doesn't hate us, and thinks that we deserve a voice in the political discourse. Simple as that.

And the fact that this makes Tulsi Gabbard stick out speaks volumes. Sadly the other 20+ democratic candidates give the impression that they are largely in agreement with the antifa-loving Twitter-left that thinks that being a Trump supporter is not very different from being a Hitler supporter. There are a sizable number of people who think that holding conservative views are similar to holding Nazi views. Tulsi Gabbard appears to be the one person on the left that doesn't think that anyone that is even considering voting republican goes home and puts on a white hood.

Think about how insane it is that this makes Tulsi Gabbard notable. Most national elections are close. Not since Nixon in 1972 has either party managed to get 60% of the vote. That means that for generations, the country has been mostly split somewhere close to 50/50 republican to democrat. So Tulsi Gabbard sticks out on the left for not hating half the country! And not only has that got attention from the republicans who respect and appreciate that but it has gotten a ton of hate from fellow democrats. Hillary Clinton has taken shots. Mia Farrow said on Twitter that she could live with never seeing Tulsi again. Many others have supposed that somehow she is working against democrats.  For what? For simply speaking of Trump and his followers as legitimate people deserving basic human decency.

So the left hates republicans so much that not only do they want us not to have a voice in the public square.... they don't want anyone who wants us to have a voice to have a voice! Insanity.

This is the face of the left today. Note it well.


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