Men and Women have Different Life Goals

[This is an excerpt from an earlier article]

One way that men and women are different is what we want out of life. Much of the social engineering coming out of feminism misses this. And assuming that this difference is due to social constructs and not due to genetics is a mistake. 

How do men and women differ in life goals? HL Mechen once said, "Man is always looking for someone to boast to; woman is always looking for a shoulder to put her head on." Our society bemoans the lack of women in the sciences. Engineering schools wonder why they do not get more female applicants. In the corporate world, programs need to be pushed to recruit and promote women and still there are a surprising lack of women in the higher levels of the corporate world. Many assume that all these differences are due to some sort of structural sexism. But Steven Pinker, in The Blank Slate, argues that these differences are due to genetic differences. Women are certainly capable in these fields but choose to do other things. They prefer other fields. They prefer fields with relationships and social interactions. And they prefer to have children and while many enjoy working, they tend to place a much heavier emphasis and to get purpose from things outside of work. It is not that there is structural sexism but that men and women choose different fields by free choice. Jordan Peterson has a famous video explaining this that you can watch here.


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