Like it or not, we are in a culture war.

 We are in the middle of a culture war. Like it or not.

Who are the combatants? Christendom vs. Darkness.

Before you stop reading.... I realize that no one thinks they are the darkness and I am not claiming that there is anyone out there laughing manically while intentionally bringing the world to evil.

So, why am I calling fellow Americans (including close friends and family) darkness? To be clear, I am not saying any one individual is darkness I am saying that when it comes to cultures there are enlightened ones and dark ones and the enlightened ones are the ones that were built on Christianity and have managed to maintain Christian values for the most part.

Darkness then is not a single movement or individual. But if a Christian culture is light, Darkness necessarily is any movement, individual, or legal structure that undermines the things that build an enlightened culture.

How can I say that Christianity is light to this world? It is necessary to understand how many great things Christianity did for the world. The Roman Empire was pretty much the best the non-Judeo-Christian world had to offer and the Roman Empire had widespread sexual slavery, widespread slavery, no system to care for the poor, widespread infanticide,  widespread abortion, almost constant war, regular genocides, tyrannical and unchecked rulers, no orphanages for the packs of wild orphans that roamed the streets, and the national pastime was watching people and animals get brutally killed. And this was the best. Many other ancient societies practiced many of these things but added massive numbers of humans being sacrificed to the gods to the mix (often with children being the victims).

Christianity slowly but surely ended all these things and brought us what we called for much of history Christendom. Still flawed and imperfect of course but better than any other culture. But because of its imperfections many busy bodies (who questioned the truth of the faith that provided Christendom with its foundation) sought to build a new and better foundation. Various ideas were proposed. Marx had ideas. Property laws should be changed. The family should be undermined. The economy should be centrally planned. Feminists had ideas. Gender roles should be changed. Families should be transformed. Homosexual rights groups had ideas. Smash the concepts of family and gender altogether. Environmentalist groups had ideas. Reduce the number humans (via birth control and abortion). Control the free market.

Common themes in many of the anti-Christendom solutions to the world are these: change gender, change sexual mores, change property rights, centralize decisions, reject Christian traditions, and diminish the value of human life.

These things are darkness. They go directly against many of the things that Christianity offered the dark world that Jesus stepped into.

And so, you might not like the culture war. I don't. But the war is here. There is light and there is darkness. And, to name names, the political left is (generally speaking) promoting darkness. The right is.... well, sometimes promoting light but sometimes promoting darkness. Unfortunately,  many on the political right have embraced the new sexual codes proposed by communists, feminists, and homosexual rights groups. Unfortunately, many republicans put issues like abortion on the back burner. But if we surrender on these things. If we give into the dark on these issues, the darkness will not end. In any war, losing one section of your wall usually leads to a loss of everything.

Andrew Breitbart was not a Christian and didn't fully understand the principles of Christendom. But he did understand that we were at war. Everyone that wants to maintain the values that made the world so much lighter needs to understand this. We are at war.


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