Joe Rogan is a Better Evolutionary Biologist Than Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins was on Joe Rogan's podcast this week. It was a bit painful to listen to. Dawkins misunderstood question after question and seemed confused the entire time. He kept trying to bring the conversation into a more simple framework : he wanted Rogan to either agree that religion was stupid and worthy of nothing but mockery or to admit to being religious so he could debate him. But Rogan is much more circumspect than Dawkins. Rogan is not a believer but he is interested in religion. He asked questions like, 'Why does almost every culture have religion?' Dawkins misunderstood this question to be something more like, 'Why are there so many religions?' and went on to answer that instead. Joe then started asking about why religion may have developed in humans so ubiquitously. Dawkins had zero answer for this. Literally said, "I don't know."

Really? You have spent your life studying how humans came to be humans and.... studying religion but you never put a theory together as to how the two might have gone together? That is either a sign of a profound lack of curiosity or an inferior mind.

Rogan then went on to ask questions about the potential benefits of religion. For each one, Dawkins tried to find a reason why this was actually harmful. But what was strange is that for each question it seemed like he was confused and just hearing such an idea for the first time. Really? How many people have you debated? And Joe Rogan is the first guy that asked you this? Never thought to ask it yourself?

 NN Taleb once said that Dawkins is a BS vendor - that he is someone who has made his money sounding smart rather than actually being smart. But I don't think Dawkins actually even sounds smart. Unless you are one of those people that think that anyone with an English accent sounds smart. The man seems confused, angry and shallow.

How anyone takes him seriously is beyond me. 


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