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About that Pew Study: Christianity is Not Shrinking

" In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace ," says the shocking new study from Pew. Well, if true, I have been very wrong. In the past, I argued against this idea . But my previous articles did not discuss this particular study or the measures they use to come to that conclusion so I figured I would engage the Pew Study and show why I am still convinced that Christianity is not really shrinking. Let's review the Pew Study first. Consider this: That looks pretty bleak....and based on these data, you would not be blamed for agreeing with the headline. Christianity is in rapid decline in America. But there is something that doesn't fit to this. If Christianity is in such rapid decline, why does attendance data from Gallup show that church attendance has been amazingly steady for 100 years? ( Sources for data come from here , here , and here ) You would think that if there has been a drop off in Christians, then people woul