A Not Crazy "Conspiracy Theory" about Epstein

Okay.... I, like most people, do not want to be called a conspiracy theorist. I think we landed on the moon. Flat earth is crazy. I don't think the school shootings are false flags. I don't go for the flying saucers. And I even believe that JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. In our culture, "conspiracy theory," is a synonym for a wacky story that is almost certainly false.

But conspiracies do happen. There have been plenty of cases of true conspiracies including those involving the government. Whether it was the poisoning of alcohol during prohibition or Edward Snowden's terrifying revelations of the actions of the NSA, it is simply untrue that every time someone suspects a conspiracy they are crazy. Sometimes people in positions of power and influence do sketchy stuff. That is a fact.

So there are conspiracies out there. And we can theorize about them without being crazy.

Since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, theories on what really happened to him have been widely circulating. Few believe the official story that he committed suicide. But some in the media have dismissed these as, "conspiracy theories," with the clear implication that anyone who does not believe the official line is crazy.

But this is BS. I guess it is possible that Epstein truly just committed suicide but there are so many questions and reasons to doubt this that I would argue it is much much more likely that something else is going on.

I would like to list some of the very strange goings on around Jeffrey Epstein. Then I would like to explore possible explanations for these goings on. 

Weird Bill Barr and Alex Acosta Connections

Bill Barr is the US Attorney General. Alex Acosta, until very recently, was the US Labor Secretary. Both have significant connections to Epstein. Among other things:

- Attorney General Bill Barr's father gave Jeffrey Epstein his first job. He was a calculus teacher at an elite prep school. He got this job despite not having a college degree.

- Bill Barr helped Alex Acosta get nominated to Trump's cabinet as the Labor Secretary. Acosta just happened to be the prosecutor who gave Epstein the sweetheart deal in 2008.

- Bill Barr worked for the legal firm that had previously represented Epstein - the same one that helped him get the sweetheart deal.

- Alexander Acosta was the prosecutor that gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal in 2008. Despite trafficking underage girls (a crime that should have put him in jail for decades), Epstein was able to negotiate a plea agreement that sentenced him to 18 months (of which he only served 13) in a country club style minimum security jail. He was allowed out of jail during the day in this time to go to his office (where apparently he met women presumably for sex). He was supposed to register as a sex offender in New York but apparently officials in the state did nothing. So.... a crime that would put you or I in jail for life basically had no punishment for Epstein.

- Acosta gave a mysterious answer as to why Epstein got the sweetheart deal. When asked why he agreed to this deal, Acosta said he was pressured by his superiors and said that he, “was told Epstein 'belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone." He was recently asked about this and had an amazing non-answer that he gave see below (go to the 45:56 minute mark):

Strange Facts Around Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell

Epstein's alleged partner in crime is Ghislaine Maxwell. She apparently would help him recruit underaged girls, attended parties with him, and helped build his network of celebrities and powerful men.

- Ghislaine was seen for the first time publicly since the death of Epstein earlier this week. She was reading "The Book of Honor : The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives," by Ted Gup. I have read this book. It is about CIA operatives that died while serving the country. They all had cover stories (businessmen, boring bureaucrats, etc) but were secretly helping the CIA gather intelligence and achieve objectives. When they were killed doing their duty, the government had no choice but let their cover stories stay in place. Only inside the CIA were they honored for what they did. The outside world knew them by their boring cover stories. Acosta called Epstein, "intelligence," was Maxwell making this statement too?

[update on 8/19/19 - it is being reported that Maxwell did indeed intentionally stage that photo with that book.]

- Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell, was a media tycoon and a member of the British Parliament. But the British Foreign Office suspected that might be a double agent of a foreign power. He had known links to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.

-  Robert Maxwell died under mysterious circumstances (disappearing from his boat in the middle of the night).

-Shortly before Robert Maxwell's death, a former employee of Israel's Military Intelligence Directorate, Ari Ben-Menashe, approached a number of news organizations in Britain and the US with the allegation that Maxwell was a long-time agent for Mossad.  

- Six serving and former heads of Israeli intelligence services attended Maxwell's funeral in Israel, while Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir eulogized him and stated: “He has done more for Israel than can today be said."

- If Robert Maxwell was indeed an agent of Mossad, Ghislaine Maxwell was the daughter of "intelligence." And if Acosta's comments are true (and/or if her book was a message), she was dating "intelligence."

Strange Facts About Where He Got His Money

 Epstein is referred to as a billionaire. People get this idea because he had apparently endless amounts of money. He owned one of the largest residences in Manhattan (that was, strangely, given to him). He owned a private Island in the Caribbean. He owned a massive ranch in Arizona.

- But no one knows where he got his money. Epstein went from a calculus teacher to an options trader at Bear Sterns where he rose through the ranks thanks in part of a friendship with Bear Stearns President and future CEO, Jimmy Cayne. But Bear Stearns fired him abruptly for unnamed, "policy violations." He bounced around a bit before founding, "J. Epstein & Company," a hedge fund that claimed to be so exclusive that it would only take billionaire clients. That is a nice job if you can get it but there are good reasons to doubt that Epstein made billions this way.

-  The New York Intelligencer sent a reporter, Douglas Kass, to investigate where Epstein got his money. He writes, “I went to my institutional brokers, to their trading desks and asked if they ever traded with him. I did it a few times until the date when he was arrested,” he explains. “Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.” I know from tweets of other hedge fund traders during this time that no one knew Epstein (and apparently hedge fund trading is a bit of a small world).

- Epstein only ever listed one "billionaire" client. Victoria Secret owner Les Wexner. Epstein's giant mansion was apparently given to him by Wexner. Why Wexner was so generous with Epstein is unknown.

Strange facts about what Epstein was doing

Epstein didn't sit back. An apparent sex addict, he didn't isolate himself with women either. He was constantly surrounded by powerful men. Throwing huge parties (with Maxwell's help) and collecting an amazing list of friends. This list included at least two presidents (Clinton and Trump), two princes (UK's Prince Andrew and the Saudi Crown Prince), a bunch of major academics (Alan Dershowitz, Steven Pinker, Stephen Hawking etc), big media powers (Alec Baldwin, Ralph Fiennes, Ted Kennedy, David Koch, Courtney Love, Woody Allen, etc), several governors (Bill Richardson, Bruce King, etc).  And I could go on.

- At least some (but certainly not all) of these names have been listed by victims as in some way complicit in the sexual crimes of Epstein.

- Given the number of people he knew, it appears that Epstein was collecting connections.  This might make sense if you are lobbying for your business or promoting a particular cause but for a retired hedge fund trader who did not appear to be particularly extroverted? It seems strange.
Strange Facts About Epstein's Death

Jeffrey Epstein was let off with almost no punishment in 2012. He got exactly the opposite treatment in 2019. The state of New York brought big charges that would probably have put him in prison for the rest of his life if he was found guilty. But he was not found guilty. Instead, he was found dead. Dead in his cell. Strangled. Stated cause of death was suicide.

But his death immediately raised questions. Here are some reasons why.

- Everyone. Literally (almost) everyone joked/predicted his death. Many even predicted it would be by fake suicide.The victims lawyers warned that his life would be in danger. His lawyers were concerned about it. Apparently he was concerned about it.
- He was found semi-conscious with marks on his neck three weeks prior to his death. There was debate whether it was a suicide attempt or whether he was attacked. Epstein denied it was a suicide attempt and claimed he had been attacked. But they put him on suicide watch anyway making it so that he had no access to anything that he could strangle himself with and significant additional monitoring.

- Until they took him off suicide watch. A week and a half before his death. This reduced the amount of monitoring he had and also gave him sheets and other tools that would make suicide easier. Why would they take him off suicide watch? Either he tried to commit suicide (three weeks earlier) or someone tried to kill him. I don't see what other options there are.

-  His room was still not great for committing suicide. A former inmate at the MCC prison where Epstein was being held says that suicide there is just impossible. The official story is that Epstein killed himself using his sheets and his bedframe but this former inmate says the following, "Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars."

- The guards both went to sleep.

- The cameras didn't capture it

- There was shrieking coming from his cell. The reports are that shrieking was  heard. The "official claim" is that this was the first responders as they reacted to seeing him dead but if those that found him were complicit that would be a fine cover story for shrieking during a supposed suicide. 

- The autopsy says that his neck was broken. This is something that is more common in murder than suicide. Given that Epstein would have had to drop to his knees to kill himself using his bed, the idea that he would get enough force to break his neck seems implausible.

- His former body guard sure seems to think he was murdered.

A (hopefully) Not Crazy Conspiracy Theory

Okay. What makes a crazy conspiracy theory is when you take innocent random facts and construct a highly implausible complex story with them. For crazy conspiracy theories, there are other less complex explanations that explain the facts better. But I don't think that the "official" story of Epstein is simple or plausible. Nor do I think it explains all the facts.

But I have a theory that I think is simple, plausible, and fits all the facts.

First off, let me highly recommend the book mentioned above that Ghislaine Maxwell was seen reading. It is very helpful in seeing how covert "intelligence" operations work. Men and women are sent to foreign locations, given a cover story, given a fake job, and then they complete some sort of operation as they go about an otherwise normal life.

So, let's see if this works with Epstein. Suppose that, like Robert Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein was working for Israel's Mossad. What would this do for our list of strange facts? I would argue that it would tie almost all of them together in a simple and plausible way.

Suppose you are working for a foreign government and you want to influence USA policy and culture to support your nation. What would a good way to do that be?

One thing you could do is send a man to live in New York, spend all his time collecting famous and powerful friends, and then attempt to blackmail as many of them as possible. Every man that you can have dirt on is a man that can help you. In order to work this operation, you would need Americans to help. You would need people like Les Wexner who is an active a big supporter of Israel. Through a guy like Wexner (a billionaire running a global business empire) it would not be hard to funnel an almost endless amount of money to Epstein. You could use your connections to get him set up. You could use Donald Barr (Bill Barr's father and a supporter of Israel) to get him established in a respectable field. You could then give him his first investment role via Bear Stearns with the help of people like Jimmy Cayne (another vocal supporter of Israel). Even after Epstein was forced to leave Bear Stearns (no one knows why but perhaps he was so incompetent that he was blowing his cover) Cayne spoke well of Epstein and helped him maintain his reputation as an investor.

Once you had someone that could be legitimately considered a billionaire without too many questions, the rest of the operation would be simple. Set up a prostitution ring using underage girls and start blackmailing. Have huge parties in New York, develop friendships. For this task, you might want to send someone to help Epstein. Maybe the daughter of a former (and beloved) operative, Ghislaine Maxwell. A social butterfly and well connected woman, she could add legitimacy to the whole thing while helping recruit girls and develop friendships.

From there, blackmail away. Get a guy like Clinton, known for liking the ladies, to come down to your island. Get stuff on camera. Keep records. Get anyone and everyone you think will come to come.

If Epstein were to ever be busted for his operation, as he was in 2008, you would try to call in favors. It is clear that someone told Acosta to back off (even letting it slip that Epstein was intelligence). Maybe Bill Barr was somehow employed for this and perhaps his later sponsorship of Acosta for prominent promotions was somehow a reward for his cooperation.

But your power would not be absolute. No matter how many people you had helping you (either out of genuine support for your country or out of fear of blackmail) you would have many people that were not under your control. With the rise of the #MeToo movement, the tantalizing idea that maybe Epstein had dirt on Trump,  and a general awareness that Epstein was basically let off without punishment, things got to a point where you would not be able to protect him anymore. Epstein himself had a picture made of him standing in prison. He knew this day might come. You knew this day might come.

So, in New York, he was placed in jail and plans for the trial were being made. But not everyone would be happy about Epstein being arrested - especially not the people he blackmailed. Can you imagine the fear that a guy like Clinton would have that Epstein would try to cut a deal by naming names? Billionaires and power brokers would all be on edge.

And maybe more than on edge. Maybe ready to prevent any talking. Dead men tell no tales. How much fear would you have if a single billionaire wanted you dead? Think about if you found out that Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates wanted to kill you. Those guys have more money than many small countries. You think they could not make it happen? Now, imagine that rather than a single billionaire it was a bunch of billionaires, former presidents, governors, and princes. How scared would you be then?

But there might be another possible killer? Let's go back to imagining you are the Mossad director that set Epstein up as an agent. You don't want him talking either. That would be a huge hit to your relationship with the USA. So, Epstein had billionaires, presidents, governors, and (if this whole theory is right) Mossad all wanting him dead.

When Epstein was found partially strangled three weeks ago, he claimed he had been attacked. If this was not a suicide attempt, then it seems logical that it was probably a murder attempt. In order to cover this attempt, it had to be called a suicide attempt and a nominal amount of time would need to pass before you tried again. You would need to have him declared no longer a suicide threat. Then you could try again. The prison he was in, the MCC, is known for bribery and corruption. It would not be hard to find dirty and incompetent employees to get the job done. And, let us not forget who is ultimately in charge of this federal prison. Yes, Bill Barr. The son of the man who started the whole thing!

None of this sounds crazy to me. I mean... it is crazy but in a plausible sort of way. Something that could fit in that book Ghislaine Maxwell was reading about CIA agents. And it is simple and clean and makes many of the very strange facts surrounding Epstein fit together.

[Update 8/17/19: Another interesting piece of this whole puzzle is Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz acted as Epstein's lawyer. It cost him a lot in terms of reputation but he did it anyway. Why? Well, if my theory so far is right, Alan Dershowitz, a dedicated, articulate, and vocal supporter of Israel, would be a natural fit. Today, Dershowitz declared that he considered the conspiracy theories to be crazy and suggested everyone follow the official narrative. Okay.]

[Update 9/12/19: For those of you that doubted that Israel would be willing to spy on us (aren't we friends?), today Israel was accused of placing mysterious spy devices near the White House.]

[Update 4/19/20: Tim Dillon had a journalist Whitney Webb on his podcast. Webb interviewed Virginia Roberts who said that Epstein told her he was "only loyal to Israel."]

Appendix -  A Few Footnotes/Clarifications: 

1- I am happy to be corrected on all this. I find it interesting and plausible but many "conspiracy theories" can be easily shown to be incorrect with some additional details and clarifications surrounding points critical to the case. If you see something wrong, I am happy to update this. If you can show why the theory is fatally flawed, I am happy to delete the whole thing and issue a retraction. 
2- I am not accusing anyone. Consider each of these points as speculative. It is possible, for example, that Bill Barr is in no way involved. He is not a central figure in the theory. It is just interesting how he and his father both had so many points of contact with Epstein. If I named you or someone you know in this story and you think I did so unfairly, I am happy to hear from you and I promise I will correct it.

3-I hate antisemitism. Although I speculate that Mossad is involved, this does not mean that I am anti-Israel or antisemitic. I think bigotry toward Jews is horrific and dangerous. And, generally, I support the State of Israel. But I acknowledge that my own country is capable of doing shady stuff (the CIA is a bit notorious for this sort of thing) and could totally see other nations doing something like this. I pointed to Mossad because of the connects (with both Maxwell and the various Epstein enablers) but if those people had been Russian or Chinese (or whatever) I would have said KGB (or whatever).

4- Bill and Hillary, I barely mentioned you guys. Please don't kill me! Haha. 

[Edit 8/23 - corrected some details (dates/locations) around his plea deal in Florida.] 


  1. Jeff was a gunrunner+ for the cabal. Anywhere there was chaos Jeff was flying his plane in and out with drugs people money and weapons. He also ran honey pots all over. Esp for new grads of military classes. See George Webbs recent work for more details.

  2. And for whatever you think Q days Jeff is singing in Cubas new hotspot.


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