Science : "Oops sorry about the 40 years of social engineering, bro"

If this news came out 40 years ago, there would be no LGBT movement. For 40 years, we have been told by countless activists that, "we were born this way." We have been told that using the term, "choice," with regards to homosexuality is hateful because, "they did not choose it." Lady Gaga sang, "Born this way." I remember my grandfather telling me that he supported gay rights because he was convinced that, "they are born that way." Books that spoke of the influence of environmental factors like abuse or parental neglect were labeled hate speech.

40 years ago, homosexuality was widely frowned upon. Many thought it should be illegal. Almost no one wanted gay marriage. But, we were told, they are born that way. To hate something in the genes, is like being racist. And who wants to be a hater about something that is genetic? Nobody. And this was the foundation of the homosexual movement. And boy was it effective. With the exception of some extremely religious people, they changed the social morals of the entire world. In the US, we went from a  strong majority of people thinking homosexual behavior should be illegal in the late 1980s to a strong majority thinking not only should it be legal but gay marriage should be recognized by the government. I know many people who changed their minds on this. Almost every single one stated that they changed their mind because homosexuality is not a choice. We are born with our sexuality. Like skin color.

 And let's be clear about how much has changed. A behavior that 40 years ago was considered very immoral is now considered just fine and in fact something to be celebrated. Businesses and governments around the world celebrated pride month in July. Trump got flack for not hanging pride flags at the embassies.  We have changed the way we teach morals. We have changed the way we talk about families. Our entertainment industry almost universally now includes gay characters in their stories. It is not strange to see two men or two women holding hands or making out in public.

Regardless of your opinion on these things, you have to admit that this is a huge cultural shift. To take something universally condemned and within a generation make it universally celebrated is a pretty breathtaking achievement.

And it was all because we realized that they were born that way. Even as recently as April, Mayor Pete, the presidential candidate, said, that God made him gay and that, "if you had shown me exactly what it was inside me that made me gay, I would have cut it out with a knife.”

Well..... [clears throat].... I have some embarrassing news for everyone. All this wonderful social engineering we did? Yeah, uh.... [clears throat]... it was based on a falsehood.

There. I said it. We social engineered our nation and the world for 40 years based on the idea that it people had NO choice over whether they were gay or not. We decided that trying to change people's sexuality was like trying to change their skin color. We decided that even asking them to refrain from sex was hate speech because they were born that way.

But we were wrong. They are not born that way. Sorry Lady Gaga.

Like most behaviors, genetics may play a part. Genes influence a lot of our behaviors. AlcoholismSmoking. Violence. Risk taking. But this social engineering process was not about influence. If we said from the beginning that homosexual behavior was genetic in the same way smoking or risk taking are genetic, I don't think we would have had 40 years of social engineering result. No. We said it was genetic like skin color, height, or gender. Our sexuality was DETERMINED by our genes. Not influenced. If it is simply influenced, then we can change it. By environment. By will power. By therapy.  We do all those things with many behaviors we do not like. Smoking is hard to quit and is influenced by our genetics but we don't tell smokers they are born that way. We help them figure out how to quit. The case for homosexuality has always been that it is genetically determined.

But this week, that case was completely undermined and debunked. From Science Magazine. The study should be a huge bombshell but I think it is getting buried. It was released before a holiday weekend. It was carefully reviewed by homosexual activists to make sure the language was acceptable. But it is a bombshell nonetheless. The New York Times summarized it, "The largest study of same-sex sexual behavior finds the genetics are complicated, and social and environmental factors are also key."

Environmental factors? Wut?

I am confused. I thought they were born that way? Lady Gaga, can you put a phone call into the NY Times? But the NY Times was reading the study right. As Inside Hook writes, "While the researchers said these gene variations cannot predict a person’s sexual identity, they can partly influence sexual behavior."

Huh. Wait.... genes do not predict sexual identity? But we just socially re-engineered pretty much the whole world based on this. But there it is. From the liberal NY Times: genetics do not determine your sexuality. Influence? Sure. Just as they influence smoking and cannabis use. But they do not determine your sexuality.

From the Science article's abstract [emphasis mine]: "In aggregate, all tested genetic variants accounted for 8 to 25% of variation in same-sex sexual behavior, only partially overlapped between males and females, and do not allow meaningful prediction of an individual’s sexual behavior..." And this is from a study of 493,001 individuals! After pouring through the genetics of almost a half a million people, they report that genetics play a small role and they acknowledge that social and environmental influences matter. From the abstract, "[Many] uncertainties remain to be explored, including how sociocultural influences on sexual preference might interact with genetic influences." It goes on to say, "These aggregate genetic influences partly overlapped with those on a variety of other traits, including externalizing behaviors such as smoking, cannabis use, risk-taking, and the personality trait “openness to experience.”

There it is. Right there in the abstract..... smoking? Cannabis use? Risk-Taking? We socially re-engineered our world for this?

Yes we did. Governments fell for it. Businesses fell for it. And, sadly, churches fell for it.

Not sure what will happen from here. I know that most mainstream news outlets will try to bury this story. I know that everyone will go on pretending that everyone is "born that way" and that sexuality is purely genetic. But will the truth start working its way through society like yeast? Will we ever recognize that we have been lied to for 40 years?

We'll see. But the truth usually wins out in the long run.


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