Don't Trade Freedom for Safety

Can't recommend this but I wouldn't pass a law to stop him
[This is an excerpt from a previous article. I thought it was relevant in the recent push to restrict freedoms for the sake of safety]

Many people assume that the goal of life is to live a long happy life. 

I disagree. I say that a people obsessed with keeping themselves happy, healthy, and secure is a boring and weak society. I say that we need a society that is not so risk averse.  

Smoke cigarettes. Ride without a helmet. Put your kids on teeter totters. Ride without a seatbelt. Drink more than 2 drinks a day. Skip the doctor’s appointment. 
I say some of this facetiously. I am not encouraging a disregard for life. But I do think that our obsession with trying to pad every toy and take every bit of dietary or health advise in the hopes of protecting ourselves against all the potential risks in life has gone way way too far. It is okay to die. 

I was in a grocery store recently and saw a box of whiskey. Not wine. Whiskey.  If you buy a box of whiskey, you have embraced your alcoholism. Not even pretending anymore. I am not saying that we should all go out and buy boxes of whiskey. I am just noting that boxes of whiskey are a thing for some people and those people might have a certain sense of personal freedom that makes their life better than yours.
A safe life is a boring life. God did not put us on this planet to carefully preserve us under a jar. Life is given to be spent not to be protected. 

Of course there are productive ways to spend our life. Dying in war or as a missionary in a hostile land are honorable and wonderful ways to go. But I don't think dying because you decided to ride a bull in an amateur rodeo is any less honorable than dying at age 89 in with tubes in your nose at a nursing home. And in some ways, drinking deeply from life with joy and celebration with friends is better than carefully measuring out your food with a mini-scale as you travel from the doctor to the yoga studio. There is nothing inherently honorable about a longer life.


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