Update on Fertility : USA Fertility Rate Hits an All Time Low

I take a lot of interest in fertility rates. I have posted in the past some of the reasons that I find the global drop in fertility rates to be troubling. Today, CNN had another article on fertility rates dropping.

From CNN:

America's fertility rate and the number of births nationwide have been on the decline in recent years. A report of provisional birth data published by the National Center for Health Statistics in May showed the number of births last year dropping to its lowest level in about three decades.
The article goes on to say that we now have the statistics broken down demographically:

When examined by race, the data showed that fertility rates declined 2% for white and black women, and 3% for Hispanic women, between 2017 and 2018.The data also showed that the teen birth rate, for ages 15 to 19, fell 7% from 2017 to 2018. When examined by race, the data showed that teen births declined by 4% for black teenagers, and 8% for white and Hispanic teens.

 I think that these drops will have a profound (and not so good) impact on humanity.

To read more about my thoughts on the impact of lower fertility check out my post from June.


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