Defining Racism

Our culture is confused about what counts as racism.

Racism, simply put, is holding negative prejudices towards people of other races. If you dislike or hate someone on the basis of their race, this is racism.

Notice what was not in that definition? Religion. Culture. Nationality. Clothing style. Language.

If you think that a particular religion has bad teachings and you think that we should should view adherents to that religion with more caution, this is not racism. If you think a particular nation has high rates of violence, poverty, or terrorism and therefore think we should be slow to allow immigrants from that nation into the US, that is not racism. If you think that Western Culture is superior to other cultures and should be promoted and taught, that is not racism. If you think a particular type of clothing style (hoodies or whatever) represent criminal behavior, that is not racism. If you think that proper English should be taught or that it should be required for particular jobs, that is not racism.

We could debate each of those things. That is fine. I don't agree with all of them. But don't call them racist.


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