Leave the Confederate Monuments

Slavery sucks. The south was wrong about that. Big time.

But I do not hate Robert E. Lee. I actually like Stonewall Jackson. Amazing men.

If I hate slavery so much, how can I not hate the guys that fought for it? Why not tear their statues down? They were, after all, on the wrong side of history. Right?

My answer to this is a thought experiment. Suppose some foreign power attacked America because of an issue you happened to agree with. If you are a pro-life republican like me, that issue might be abortion. But if you are a liberal democrat, let's suppose it is healthcare or immigration. Whatever. Suppose Russia or China or France of whoever attacked America because of our problems. Something you agree with.

For me this is an easy thought experiment. Russia attacks us with the stated reason being abortion. I hate abortion. I think it is murder. I think that it is a holocaust of the innocents. A black mark on our nation. I think it is every bit as bad as slavery in our history.

But let's suppose that Russia invaded us with the stated reason being abortion. "Abortion is wrong, we want you to stop doing it. That is why we are bombing your cities." What would I do? Well.... I would almost certainly join the effort to stop them. I would not fight for Russia,  I would fight for my own nation.

Does that mean I am secretly pro-abortion? Win or lose, should I be shamed for fighting, "for abortion?"

I don't think so. I think it is possible to fight in defense of your own very flawed homeland even if you agree with the primary critique of those attacking. I think, in most cases, it is the honorable thing to do.

This is why I do not want to tear down statues of Lee or Jackson. These men were, by all accounts, no fans of slavery. But their homelands were under attack and they did what they thought was the honorable thing to do. They fought for their flawed states.

Keep the statues. Respect the men. Agree with them that slavery sucks.


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