Why Science Cannot Measure Happiness

Science is stupid when it comes to happiness.  

 Social scientists (not real scientists) believe that you can measure happiness like you can measure velocity. They ask people if they are happy and then imagine that they can find ways to make people happier. This is ridiculous in pretty much every way you can imagine.

 Happiness is not a definable or measurable thing. Consider the following: which is better: to be happy all day long (maybe sipping cocktails by the pool with a beautiful woman) or to be knee deep in mud in a jungle with a bunch of stinky men? The answer is not very easy to answer. Supposing in the second example, you are a soldier and you are fighting for the freedom of your country. Supposing that you are at that moment doing what you think God made you to do. The fact that if a social scientist handed you a poll asking how happy you were (on a zero to ten scale) you would probably be tempted to put a negative number, you would not trade places with the cocktail sipping coward for anything and doing so would make you less happy not more. 

You can add up all the happy moments you have and find that a person who had considerably fewer happy moments actually had a happier life. Consider the missionary who lives in a mosquito infested nation feeding, clothing, and spreading the gospel with the poorest of the poor and the rich playboy. Who, as they lay down their heads to take their last breath, is happier? And how does a social “scientist” measure that? They do not. They cannot. They should stop saying they can. Me saying this is not anti-science….it is just demonstrates a basic understanding of what science is. 

Happiness does not add up. Having a lot of happy moments does not make a happy life. Happiness is not like velocity or mass. It cannot be measured. It cannot even be defined. 

The next time you see a story on what science teaches us about happiness, diligently ignore it, laugh at it, post a comment declaring the author an idiot, or respond in some other suitable way. But please do not take it seriously.


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