Who Gets Angrier

This is a repost of an earlier article I wrote on why boycotts work.
Elizabeth I as depicted on Netflix... it comes full circle!
Companies like Netflix do not have a moral compass. They are amoral. They are in it for the money. So, why do they jump into a controversial topic like abortion by saying that they will boycott any pro-life state that prevails in its efforts to ban abortion? The answer is that it is a calculation. They are getting pressure from every direction and yet they have decided that the pressure from the pro-abortion crowd is enough that taking a pro-abortion stand will be better for their bottom line than remaining silent (and a pro-life stand is further beyond the pale).

When I studied English history in college, my professor once noted that Queen Elizabeth I was a pragmatist more than anything. She wanted to secure the throne and did not care particularly which Christian denomination won out. She had seen the country go from Catholic (under her father) to Anglo-Catholic (essentially Catholic in doctrine but without obedience to the pope). She had seen the country go Protestant under her brother, Edward Tudor. Her sister, Mary, tried to return England to the Roman Catholic church. In all this, Elizabeth noticed something. Protestants got angrier than Catholics. They were more willing to fight. More willing to die. And less willing to compromise than the Catholics. So, Elizabeth largely yielded to the Protestants. Her form of Anglicanism (that has largely endured to this day) was to accept Protestant doctrine with a Catholic-esque liturgy.

"Today, we have a new religious war going on. It is the religion of secular left versus historic Christianity."

Today, we have a new religious war going on. It is the religion of secular left versus historic Christianity. Secular leftists have a creation story (evolution). Secular leftists have sacraments (sex and abortion). Secular leftists have priests (liberal experts and pundits). And Christianity has our own versions of each of these as well.

And just as Elizabeth was a pragmatist who did not have a strong preference for who won the religious war, our corporations (today's rulers - don't be fooled into thinking it is the politicians) do not particularly care who wins the religious war today. All either of them care about is avoiding an uprising. They only care about appeasing the party that will get the most angry if they do not. For Elizabeth, the angry group was the protestants. For Netflix, the angry group is the secular leftists.
"They only care about appeasing the party that will get the most angry if they do not."
The question I have is why? Why do Christians not get more upset about this? The nation only has a small minority of angry secular leftists that want abortion on demand throughout the entire pregnancy (and maybe after the pregnancy). This small minority is, through anger and organization, successfully pushing the corporate rulers of this world to do what they want. Why can't we do the same? If every time a company like Netflix openly disregarded and rejected its Christian customers, we got pissed and flooded their twitter page with angry comments, protested their dumb headquarters, and unsubscribed from their crappy service, they would think twice about doing it. The reason we get thrown under the bus, is that we are willing to be thrown under the bus.

We worship a King that got so angry at money changers that he kicked over their tables and used a whip to drive them out of the temple. Righteous anger over baby-murder is quite appropriate for Christians.


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