True Social Justice

I do a ton of work from random coffee shops. It beats sitting home alone. A few days ago, at Starbucks near campus and two young women were sitting at the next table from me talking. I could hear them talking about their research and class discussions on race and gender. They didn't say but I would guess they were gender studies majors. They talked for a long time systematic oppression of various groups (LGBT, women, and African Americans). The women were well spoken, obviously raised in affluent houses, and dressed in new and clearly expensive clothing. They talked for a while about societal oppression and then, midway through their conversation, a disheveled man came in. He was a white guy with a big scraggly beard. His clothes looked like they had been rained on. I could smell him almost as soon as he walked through the door. He sat down at the table next to the women. I saw them look at each other and then him. They immediately started to gather their things to get up. Then they left as quickly as possible. 

I have noticed that those obsessed with social justice very rarely practice the true forms of social care: loving those in need as though they were Christ. Not just passing laws to make others give but giving sacrificially of their own money, time, and heart.


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