[I am working on a novel and plan to post it chapter by chapter here on this blog. Feedback and encouragement are welcome! This is the prologue.]

People get easily confused. They assume things are connected that are not. They assume causes where there is no cause. People have agendas they try to push on people like me. But I don't get pushed around. Not by people like Vivian or Titus.

They are not what they claim to be.  Everyone thinks they are heroes. Everyone is wrong.

Titus wrote the book about how he saved the world. A book that was full of lies that I have no plan to refute right now. But because he wrote that book, everyone thinks he knows what he is talking about when he says that I am the villain in this story. I am not the villain.

I am right. I have always been right. I was right when I warned everyone about Gilbert. I was right when I warned everyone about Governor Emsworth. I was right on all of it. But no one listened. So, I took matters into my own hands.

Now, Titus acts like I am the bad guy. Okay. But did it ever cross your mind that he is wrong? Did it ever cross you mind that the great Titus might not even understand what he is talking about? Because he doesn't.

 What I am about to tell you goes right in the face of everything you may have heard about the "Great Trouble," as we call it. But try to listen to what I say before just assuming.  

[Keep reading! Check out Chapter 1 (part 1)]


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