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Book Reccomendation - Death by Living by ND Wilson

N.D. Wilson is not as famous as he should be. As someone that reads a lot, he is one of those authors that sticks out. His writing style is unique. It is both fun and profound. Filled with symbolism and meaning but without that preachyness that ruins most who attempt to do what he does. I love his fiction. His 100 Cupboards series is darn near perfect Young Adult fiction (and well worth the read even for adults). But I want to highlight and heartily recommend one of his non-fiction books. Everything he writes is excellent but this one was particularly meaningful to me and changed the way I look at the world. It is a beautiful reflection on the meaning of life called, "Death by Living: Life is Meant to Be Spent." It is hard to review this book because it is not easily summarizable (no good book is) but perhaps the best way to recommend it is to provide a few quotes. In a book that reflects a lot on time and how we spend our life, consider this reflection:

Time is that harsh c…

3 Ways to Know If You Are a Corporate Slave



[I am working on a novel and plan to post it chapter by chapter here on this blog. Feedback and encouragement are welcome! This is the prologue.]

People get easily confused. They assume things are connected that are not. They assume causes where there is no cause. People have agendas they try to push on people like me. But I don't get pushed around. Not by people like Vivian or Titus.

They are not what they claim to be.  Everyone thinks they are heroes. Everyone is wrong.

Titus wrote the book about how he saved the world. A book that was full of lies that I have no plan to refute right now. But because he wrote that book, everyone thinks he knows what he is talking about when he says that I am the villain in this story. I am not the villain.

I am right. I have always been right. I was right when I warned everyone about Gilbert. I was right when I warned everyone about Governor Emsworth. I was right on all of it. But no one listened. So, I took matters into my own hands.

Now, Titus…

True Social Justice

I do a ton of work from random coffee shops. It beats sitting home alone. A few days ago, at Starbucks near campus and two young women were sitting at the next table from me talking. I could hear them talking about their research and class discussions on race and gender. They didn't say but I would guess they were gender studies majors. They talked for a long time systematic oppression of various groups (LGBT, women, and African Americans). The women were well spoken, obviously raised in affluent houses, and dressed in new and clearly expensive clothing. They talked for a while about societal oppression and then, midway through their conversation, a disheveled man came in. He was a white guy with a big scraggly beard. His clothes looked like they had been rained on. I could smell him almost as soon as he walked through the door. He sat down at the table next to the women. I saw them look at each other and then him. They immediately started to gather their things to get up. Then th…

Modern Transportation Steals Our Sense of Adventure

No, the United States and Western Civilization were not built on racism

Sometimes I hear, even from Christians, the sentiment that the USA, and the American church specifically, has a racist past. History is told like this. Europeans came to the Americas and displaced and killed most of the Indians. They then went to Africa, kidnapped black people, brought them back to America and enslaved, raped, and beat them. It was a holocaust of sorts with millions of black people being worked to death in the fields. And when the constitution was written, the founding fathers (a bunch of racist slave owners) declared that black people were 3/5 of a person. After almost a century of slavery in the US, it took a brutal Civil War to end the terrible practice. After it ended, Jim Crow laws were put in place to separate the races and oppress blacks. And another century passed. Finally, thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, the Civil Rights Act was passed and several important Supreme Court decisions were made to end Jim Crow. But, this was not the end of racism. Racism we…

8 Ways Men and Women are Different