Why I Support Electric Vehicles

Shanghai - there is nothing communist about hating this haze
As humans, we like to quickly categorize people. It is a fast and efficient way to deal with the unknown. List a few views that a person has, and we can quickly fill in the rest. 

If someone doubts climate change, we can also assume they are pro-life. 

If someone is a socialist, we can assume they are in favor of abortion rights. 

If someone supported the war in Iraq, we can also assume they support tax cuts. 

If someone supports Israel, we can also assume they support Brexit. 
"Democrats were once big supporters of peace and the typical Democrat was considered an anti-war hippy but.... democrats suddenly became hawkish war mongers."
It is a form of political bundling. We adopt one view and then feel we must bundle everything else that goes with this even if there is no necessary connection. 

This has been most clearly seen on the issue of war. When Bush was president, republicans supported his hawkish wars. When Obama became president, suddenly the interventionalism of the US military was a problem for republicans. Democrats were once big supporters of peace and the typical Democrat was considered an anti-war hippy. But when Trump came in opposing interventialism and was committed to avoiding war with Syria and making allies of enemies like Russia and North Korea, democrats suddenly became hawkish war mongers. 

It can also be seen on the Patriot Act. Republicans gave Bush a blank check to spy on the American people and if you did not support this you were not a patriot. When Obama became president, republicans suddenly became Snowden and Assange fan-boys viewing government spying as the worst possible thing. 

It can also be seen on trade. There was a time when democrats were isolationists who viewed Nafta and other free trade agreements as examples of selling out the unions on behalf of the corporate overlords. But when Trump came in and started to put tariffs in place, suddenly democrats became free traders! 

I think that we should all try to avoid this tendency to bundle our views. Just because one issue or a handful of issues might cause you to support one or the other political party does not mean that you should blindly support the entire platform. It is fine to say, "I am going to vote republican because they are pro-life and economically libertarian but I disagree with them on trade and immigration." 

With this in mind, I would like to come out of the closet as a environmental conversationalist and a big supporter of electric vehicles. I don't call myself an environmentalist because I think the term has some baggage that I would prefer not to carry but as a Christian, I think that we need to take more joy in the natural world that God gave us. We need to preserve it. I agree with JRR Tolkien and his aversion to all things smokey and dirty and his love for all things green and growing. 

Electric vehicles are wonderful. They perform better than internal combustion vehicles (faster and better handling). They are coming down in price (you can buy a Tesla for less than $40k). They have excellent safety. They have excellent quality. And they will save you money. But they also have the wonderful benefit of not sending large quantities of smoke into our cities. Stand next to a bunch of Teslas and the air is fresh and clean. A city full of Teslas will have no brown haze hovering over it. 

This does not make me some sort of communist. 

Don't trust anyone who is perfectly in line with any political party. 


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