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Why I Support Electric Vehicles

As humans, we like to quickly categorize people. It is a fast and efficient way to deal with the unknown. List a few views that a person has, and we can quickly fill in the rest. 
If someone doubts climate change, we can also assume they are pro-life. 
If someone is a socialist, we can assume they are in favor of abortion rights. 
If someone supported the war in Iraq, we can also assume they support tax cuts. 
If someone supports Israel, we can also assume they support Brexit.  "Democrats were once big supporters of peace and the typical Democrat was considered an anti-war hippy but.... democrats suddenly became hawkish war mongers." It is a form of political bundling. We adopt one view and then feel we must bundle everything else that goes with this even if there is no necessary connection. 
This has been most clearly seen on the issue of war. When Bush was president, republicans supported his hawkish wars. When Obama became president, suddenly the interventionalism of the …

Who gets angrier?

Companies like Netflix do not have a moral compass. They are amoral. They are in it for the money. So, why do they jump into a controversial topic like abortion by saying that they will boycott any pro-life state that prevails in its efforts to ban abortion? The answer is that it is a calculation. They are getting pressure from every direction and yet they have decided that the pressure from the pro-abortion crowd is enough that taking a pro-abortion stand will be better for their bottom line than remaining silent (and a pro-life stand is further beyond the pale).

When I studied English history in college, my professor once noted that Queen Elizabeth I was a pragmatist more than anything. She wanted to secure the throne and did not care particularly which Christian denomination won out. She had seen the country go from Catholic (under her father) to Anglo-Catholic (essentially Catholic in doctrine but without obedience to the pope). She had seen the country go Protestant under her br…

Understanding the Christian Concept of The Kingdom of God

If being a Christian means anything, it has to mean that you are in some significant way a follower of the historical first century person Jesus Christ. It will not do to follow some later construction of him based on secondary or tertiary musings. You say you follow Jesus? Find out what Jesus said.

Contrary to what many idiots claim, there is almost no debate within academia that the man did exist. Even Bart Ehrman, the skeptic of all things Christian and apologist against the faith admits, "I don't think there's any serious historian who doubts the existence of Jesus." Further, the historicity of the biblical texts has been questioned and doubted by so many but has stood the test of these criticisms remarkably well. Works by scholars such a NT Wright and Richard Bauckham  have provided strong scholarship suggesting that the New Testament is reliable and historical and the only body of ancient literature that can be referenced to understand the teachings of Jesus a…

Worth doing badly

I have been reading a ton of PG Wodehouse recently. For those of you that have not read him, he is an English humor writer who wrote during the middle of the 20th century. Considered by many to be the best in this genre. I had read a few of his books (e.g. 'Code of the Woosters,' 'Summer Lightning,' 'Leave it to Psmith') but recently went on a little Wodhouse bender where I read six or seven of his novels in a row (bringing the total I read up to something like 15). He wrote more than seventy novels during his career starting in 1902 and continued writing up until his death in 1975.  As I have read his various works (picked almost at random), I noticed a pattern. His early novels are average at best. There is something to them - a certain charm - but they are forgettable and do not seem like Wodehouse books. They do not have anything like the brilliance that he developed with time. For example, the "White Feather," (published 1907) is cumbersome at t…

Twitter apparently thinks my views on Christianity in America are too much to handle....

I have no idea what is going on with Twitter's algorithm but they are now preventing me from Tweeting this link:

"No... Americans are NOT losing our religion. "

Why We Need the Dark Web

For most of human history, the idea that some authority could watch and track everything you did and said was unthinkable and the stuff of dystopian novels. The idea that this authority could also read your thoughts, track your every physical movement, and keep a permanent record of it all, was too much to even imagine.

But today, rather than be horrified by the idea, many are horrified by the idea of the opposite. They are horrified by the idea that you could act anonymously. They are horrified by the idea that you could communicate without a record being kept. They are horrified by the idea that you could live life outside of the watchful eye of government.

"There is a value in an of itself to not being watched."
I just listened to the Audible series, "The Dark Web." This series discusses the existence and use of the Tor browser and the many hidden websites on what is known as the dark web. This dark web gives true anonymity to the users allowing them to visit sit…

A thought experiment on gender differences...

To understand how and why men and women are different, I want us to do a thought experiment.

Imagine an ancient tribe of early humans roaming somewhere in the horn of Africa foraging and hunting. Sometimes they have to fight other tribes. Sometimes they have to fight lions. Survival of that tribe depends on reproduction. Women need to carry babies to term. Babies need to be raised until they can contribute (sometime between 10-15 years old). Having as many babies as possible is important because there are so many threats. Disease, famine, war, and wild animals will take a sadly large number of your children.

For this thought experiment, I would like to make a strange sort of tribe. This tribe in humanities early development has men and women that are about the same size and temperament. Other than the women's ability to bear children, there are very few biological differences between them. The men and the women are equally able to fight, kill, hunt, and run. Finally, let's su…