"We think the Jews should all be killed" said Col. Split as he took a drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke out slowly.

"That is murder," replied Rev. Schaffer shaking his head in disbelief.

"You do not understand," Split continued, lowering his voice and speaking with passion, "the Jews are oppressing Arians and causing poverty in Germany. We have suffered so much due to their presence in our great country."

"That is crazy.....and even if it was true it does not justify murder of millions." Rev Schaffer said raising his voice and speaking with anger. He struck the table stunned by what he was hearing.

Rev. Chappel stepped forward. He patted Rev Schaffer on the back paternally. "Col. Split, I am so sorry for Rev. Schaffer's tone." He leaned toward Col. Split so that Rev. Schaffer could not hear. He whispered, "Most Christians are ashamed of fundamentalists like him." Then he stood back up straight.

Col. Split nodded. "So, you are ok with the killing of Jews?"

Rev Chappel hesitated, coughed and then said, "Personally, I am opposed. I realize it has been hard on Germans and that often Jews put Arians in a difficult position. I do not want to minimize that and I totally feel for your position. I am not in favor of legislating things like this so ultimately killing the Jews will be a big decision for you. I just want to you to know that if you do decide to kill the Jews, you might regret it. And if you ever need support later, we have a support group for Nazi's that killed Jews that at our church."

Rev Schaffer screamed, "What are you talking about? Now you, a supposed Christian, are waffling on this question?"

Rev. Schaffer and Col Split looked at each other and smiled. "What a closed minded fundamentalist" they both thought.


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