Podcast: Thoughts on MLK's legacy

MLK day 2020 is here. If congress tried to pass a holiday for MLK today, would it go through? I actually sort of doubt it. Not because the right is any different, but because his views are largely now rejected by the left. I explain more on this and other aspects of his legacy in this week's podcast:

Bonus Podcast: How Ungit Invests

As promised, here is a bonus podcast on how I invest. Listen. Enjoy. Subscribe. Tell your friends.

The Pros and Cons of Immigration

Immigration is a hot topic right now. Conservatives tend to be against at least illegal immigration and to a lesser degree against all immigration. Liberals tend to think that because, "we are a nation of immigrants" that almost all immigration is a great thing and that pretty much open borders is the way to go.

So... who is right? Well, not surpisingly the two sides don't recognize that immigration is neither all bad nor all good but instead has some benefits and dangers that need to be considered. So, let's look at those pros and cons. I am going to focus on legal immigration. Illegal immigration has its own dangers (potentially letting criminals and terrorists in) but I want to just focus on the overall concept of immigration.  In general, here are some benefits and dangers to immigration:

Benefits of Immigration (pros)
Humanitarian/freedom benefits
 One benefit of immigration that I don't think gets spoken of enough is that humans being allowed to move where t…

When it comes to popular music... there is no "best"

Neil Peart died. RIP.

But it has sparked an online discussion about the best drummers of all time. This page gives a full rundown of the discussion.

But when it comes to popular music, there is no 'best.' Because popular music is, for the most part, not an exhibition of technical skill but an exhibition of catchy songs with a cool sound and lyrics that are meaningful to the listener.

Jimmy Hendrix may have been pretty good technically (professional guitarists have said he was) but he was probably not the best. The most technically proficient guitarist in history is probably some obscure classical guitarist that no one has ever heard of. Neil Peart certainly had technical skills as a drummer. But most likely not the best technically. Singers often spoken of as the best like Robert Plant or Bono are likewise probably not as technically skilled as a operatic virtuoso.

So, when we say that Plant or Bono or Hendrix or Peart were the 'best' we are really saying that somethi…

The Global Population is Imploding, It is a Disaster, and the Guys that See it Are Clueless

Imagine a man in ancient Mesopotamia that somehow figured out how to mine iron ore and make steel. Then that same man figures out how to forge, machine and craft that steel into what functioned and worked like perfect German Luger. That same person figured out how to make gun powder and create bullets. After completing this amazing accomplishment, he announces to the world his discovery. He calls it a hammer and uses but butt of the gun to smash nuts and grind grain.The man missed the central significance of his own discovery in spectacular fashion.

Reading Empty Planet by Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson feels like it belongs in this category.  These guys have done very nice work showing what few others are seeing. They show why the UN and other overpopulation alarmists are spectacularly wrong. Doing great research, they demonstrate that, far from going a future population bomb - where mass starvation and crowding lead to catastrophe, the world is actually very close to leveling of…

The Foreign Intervention Treadmill

In 1953 the USA and the UK helped organize a coup d'├ętat of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh to help Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (more of a monarch) take the throne.  Why did we do that? Well, Mosaddegh was messing with the UK's oil interests in Iran of course. So... new leader courtesy of the US and the UK! 

"All fixed. Iran should work great now," said the foreign policy experts of 1953.

Mission accomplished.

And maybe it did.... for a few years. But then, about 25 years later, Iranians realized that they didn't like the leader we chose for them and wanted to pick their own. So, with lots of effort, they managed to overthrow the US backed monarchy in favor of a theocratic Shah. These guys were extreme Islamists. They took a country that had been going through westernization for years and made it a theocratic and anti-Western state. Iranians kidnapped bunch of Americans in 1980 and this crisis turned Iran into the US' greatest enemy i…

Podcast: Non-Interventionalists.... Hold Fire!

Ann Coulter and other non-interventionalists are giving Trump crap for killing the Iranian guy.... Ungit says, hold fire.