The Emperor's New Clothes - Chapter 2: Everything You Were Taught About Gender is Wrong

[I am writing a book and plan to post chapters as I go, here is Chapter 2. I already posted chapter 1 and an introduction. You can start with the introduction here. I will update this link to the future chapters when they are done.]

Men and women are not different. Women can do everything men can do. Men can do everything women can do. Gender is a social construct. But sadly, somewhere along the line, western culture created a patriarchy that was designed to hold women back while promoting the needs, desires, and ambitions of men. Thanks to this patriarchy, women have been raped, oppressed, and made into baby factories while the men enjoyed life at their expense. Thankfully feminists fought against this patriarchy and have successfully been able to secure the vote, be accepted in academia, and achieved some level of political power. And yet great challenges remain. The patriarchy still allows a rape culture, women still get paid less for the same jobs, and there is a constant battl…