The Stories We Tell About Ourselves and Why History Matters

How we tell history shapes our future. Humans are shaped by our stories. Each of us tells our own history. One might say, 'I have always been a scrappy fighter. I overcame being cut from the basketball team and ended up being an all-star. I got better grades than the smarter kids and got into that top university. And once I entered the workforce, I got promoted faster and younger than almost anyone in my age group.' Another might say, 'I have always different. In third grade, I was picked last. The girls didn't like me. I never got invited to the parties in high school. And in college, I mostly kept my head down and didn't socialize.' Others might think of themselves as the smart one, the funny one, the athlete, or the creative one. But we think this based on our history. Who we were when we were kids, college students, and in our early career becomes who we are.

What sort of story do you tell about yourself? Whatever it is, it probably shapes the job, spouse,…

Bonus Podcast - Justin Trudeau and how the left eats its own

You knew I had to weigh in on Justin Trudeau's blackface! Check out this bonus podcast:

Why didn't Christianity end slavery sooner? Is a ridiculous question

I have noted in the past that Christianity helped end slavery. But some ask, why did the Christian world wait as long as it did? If God only had more explicit condemnations of slavery, maybe slavery could have been prevented in the Christian world.

I find this question funny. People criticize the Christian world for not ending slavery fast enough.And on some level, I agree. We should have ended it earlier and more completely. Popes, pastors and Christian leaders who gave any support to slavery made a serious error.

But that is not the funny part. The funny part is this. We ended it first. We ended earlier  than anyone. Christians ended it for all intents and purposes in the middle ages and then completely banned it in the 19th century.

And we were the ONLY major culture to end slavery. Secularists didn't do it. Devout Christians did. So the complaint is "you guys didn't do it early enough."

Imagine being a kid in a filthy house. The dad left for the day and said he w…

It is Hilarious That Justin Trudeau Was Busted Wearing Facepaint - but not racist

Conservatives are taking great joy in the recently revealed photo of the very self righteous liberal PM of Canada wearing dark brown make up as part of an 'Arabian Nights' party in 2001. The standard among our easily triggered, racism-is-behind-everything culture that we now live in is that any sort of dark paint on your face is 'racist.' And photos of Trudeau (the darling of the woke left) wearing what is now considered a racist costume is almost too much much poetic justice.

But can I just point out that it is not actually "racist?" Almost all costumes are intended to be exaggerated representations of things we are not. If I dress up like a pirate, I put on an eye-patch, a hook hand, and a peg leg. If I dress up like a Viking, I wear a fake beard, a horned helmet, and carry a sword. If I dress up like Lieutenant Commander Data from 'Star Trek the Next Generation,' I would slick back my hair, wear a one piece Federation uniform, and ......apply a li…

Explaining the Joke- to myself

I know I have been posting a lot of Chappelle content recently. That speaks to what a thought provoking special he gave us. I recently explained one of the jokes in his special that I thought people were getting backwards. But I also suddenly realized that I got a joke backwards as well. When I wrote my original review of ‘Sticks and Stones’ I had two criticisms. First, I thought making fun of Michael Jackson abuse victims sucked. And second, I disagreed with his abortion comments. I standby the MJ comments but I now realize that I missed the point of the abortion comments.

Chappelle started off repeating the standard pro-abortion position: women have an absolute right to abortion. No man should have a say. This is where he lost me. As a pro-life advocate, The flaws in this position bug me to no end. So I tuned out what he said next. But what he said next is brilliant. He said that if women have this absolute right to kill the baby, men should be able to abandon it. He then said, “an…

Podcast - Humor is War

Why do humans tell jokes and laugh? Is there a purpose? Yep. It is to prevent you from wearing that stupid shirt again. Or voting for your candidate. Or spreading that disease. Humor is never just a joke.

Listen to here why:

New York Times confirms, "Not Born That Way" - More on The Bombshell Science Magazine Study

The most read column in the history of this website was about the bombshell Science Magazine study two weeks ago. This should be the story of our generation but, as predicted, this story is being ignored by everyone not named Lewis Ungit. The New York Times reported on it but did so right before the holiday weekend and wrote in a way that buried the essential and shocking finding of the study: genes cannot predict our sexuality. The result was that this has been ignored. Now, I understand why liberals would want to dismiss it. LGBT rights has been a cornerstone of their political platform for decades.  And being "born that way" has been the cornerstone of the LGBT movement. But why in the world are conservatives being silent? Why is this bombshell being allowed to slip from the mainstream? My only guess is that conservatives are scared. I have noticed that republicans in recent years are more and more willing to sign up to the LGBT agenda. Trump, after all, is the first rep…